MakerCon is the epicenter of the Maker Movement

MakerCon connects the individuals at the forefront of the Maker Movement and taps into the best thinking on how to make things and get them to market, from new technologies to manufacturing models to funding methods. MakerCon is a meeting place for passionate entrepreneurs who want to test the commercial waters for their prototypes; cultural and civic leaders driving Maker initiatives; and product developers inspired by the Maker Movement.

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MakerCon is a professional conference by and for Makers

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What are the signals coming out of the Maker Movement that will shape the coming economy, local communities, education, government policy and initiatives? How is the Movement stimulating talent development, opportunity and agency? How is this Maker Movement distinct from the 20th century industrial model? These are some of the questions that MakerCon NY, a one-day event on September 24, will focus the conversation around. Don't miss it! A full day designed by Makers for Makers.

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  • MakerPro post featured image

    Hackheim at Trondheim

    August 28 2015

    The Hackheim Makerspace, based here in Trondheim, has a big presence here at Maker Faire Trondheim and have brought a number of projects along to the faire. Read more on MAKE The post Hackheim at Tron…

  • MakerPro post featured image

    PreNav Reveals Centimeter-Accurate Drone System

    August 26 2015

    With the launch of its centimeter-precision drone platform, PreNav is bringing quadcopter flight into highly technical arenas, both outdoors and in. Read more on MAKE The post PreNav Reveals Centimete…

  • MakerPro post featured image

    CastAR Raises $15 Million for Augmented Gaming

    August 25 2015

    Jeri Ellsworth talks about what CastAR will do with $15 million in new funding. Read more on MAKE The post CastAR Raises $15 Million for Augmented Gaming appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How…

  • MakerPro post featured image

    Mixology and the Maker Movement

    August 21 2015

    Make:'s Emily Coker sits down with mixologist friend Jared Hirsch to discuss the history of craft cocktail culture and how it fits into today's Maker Movement. Read more on MAKE The post Mixology and…

  • MakerPro post featured image

    E3D and LittleBox Partner to Crowdfund New Power Printer BigBox

    August 14 2015

    The BigBox is a collaboration between the E3D team and Kickstarter alumni LittleBox whose promising Kickstarter campaign ends this Sunday. Read more on MAKE The post E3D and LittleBox Partner to Crowd…

  • MakerPro post featured image

    Anatomy of the RollJam Wireless Car Hack

    August 11 2015

    If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve likely seen the storm of news of Samy Kamkar’s device that can intercept and store keyless entry codes for cars and garages. Built for…

Featured on FastCompany

FastCompany article featured image

Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty on the past, present, and online future of the Maker Movement

By Harry McCracken | FastCompany

What started a decade ago as an influential magazine—and became a beloved global series of events—is about to become a new social network.