Innovation Showcase Bay Area 2014

Company About


High quality 3D printer with on-board internet connectivity and ‘app-store’


Lithouse makes home automation seamless and meaningful. Lithouse device can discover nearby smart devices, allow user to trigger action from one device to another. Makers can connect their DIY device with Lithouse apps for control and trigger action to a 3rd party device. With Lithouse app, user can also review and comment on their smart devices, let everyone know what the loved (or hated) about those devices.

Modio Inc.

Modio: build, modify and print to PLAY. Modio is the new app that lets you build & modify incredible creatures and characters then easily print them for play using a desktop 3D printer.


Printrbot is bringing their new CNC machine and will also be showcasing their new 3D Printer.

Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award

The Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award provides a total of $250,000 in prototyping and production services each year to entrepreneurs developing new products in the United States and Europe.
Unlike other product awards that recognize products after they’re in mass production and on store shelves, the Cool Idea! Award is meant to help innovative ideas come to life.

AgIC Inc.

AgIC transforms a home printer into circuit board manufacturing equipment. Recent advances in material science have made it possible to manufacture magical conductive ink. The ink dries in a few seconds and conductivity emerges instantly. 1000 times faster and 100 times cheaper than conventional PCB production.
We are going to sell DIY kits that enable users to print circuit on paper and PET film with home printers and also sell ready-to-use circuit printers. This is a spin-off company based on Yoshihiro Kawahara Laboratory at the Unviersity of Tokyo, who is the technical advisor of AgIC.

Tempo Automation

Rapidly prototype electronic designs on your desk.
Tempo Automation presents a desktop pick and place robot which automates the slowest, most distracting, and expensive step of the electronics prototyping process: surface mount assembly.

e-NABLE – Open Source Prosthetics

Fostering a community of makers, designers, and researchers developing affordably produced open source prosthetics and connecting them to people in need of prosthetics.

Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a volumetric imaging company, and our first product is the world’s first volumetric printing service. A volumetric print achieves the promise of color holography with a new technology blending the arts of 3D printing and optics.

Carbon Origins

Carbon Origins is an aerospace startup company with the goal to empower people with the best tools possible to explore the universe, and in the process make space commonplace. We are developing rapidly reusable suborbital rockets that are capable of carrying small to mid-sized payloads to suborbital space. While developing the different electronic subsystems for our rockets and spacecrafts, we realized that the same technologies had commercial applications in maker, hobbyist, and engineering circles as standalone products. We believe that ION is a tool for every maker and we hope to introduce it at Maker Faire 2014.

AtFAB Open Source CNC Furniture

AtFAB is a line of Open Source CNC Furniture that has been fabricated locally by a global community of makers. We’re transitioning from maker to business, and are devoted to the future of shipping information rather than stuff.

Integreight, Inc.

1Sheeld is a hardware Arduino shield that allows you to tap into your smart phone’s sensors, it communicates over bluetooth with the smart phone and has an app. that allows access to all sensors and features of a smart phone.

Driblet Labs

Smart water meter, can sense volume and temperature, small enough to be installed at fixture level, self powered


LightUp is a STEM learning platform that helps kids understand the increasingly connected world around them. It combines an educational toy, modular electronic blocks, with an augmented reality mobile app that teaches kids about electronics and programming. With LightUp, a 12-year-old can go all the way from building their first circuit to eventually creating their own internet-connected device, like Nest or FitBit.

MESH project / Sony Corporation

MESH is a platform that helps you invent. Wirelessly connecting functional blocks by super easy UI, you can create anything you wish without special skills of electric circuits or programming.


This is a demo of the open sourced DARwIn-mini robot. The robot can operate both autonomous and by remote controlled by an android device. The keys to making the robot go are the OPENCM servo controller and the XL-320 servo.

Fit3D, Inc.

The Fit3D Team utilized tools at the Techshop and commercially available 3D printers and parts to prototype a 3D body scanner which lead towards industrialization and a growing business.


Shapeoko 2 is an open-source desktop milling machine that can precisely carve soft metals, woods, and plastics. Easel is a free in-browser software that lets you create a design, then send to the machine.