MakerCon Bay Area 2014

MakerCon is a professional conference by and for makers. The maker movement is providing new insights into local and global manufacturing, design, workforce development, education and even creative culture. MakerCon provides valuable, practical insights into the impact of makers and making on education, the economy and emerging markets.

MakerCon connects individuals at the forefront of the maker movement, focusing on the technologies, services ecosystem, manufacturing models, and funding methods that provide new ways of making things and getting them to market. MakerCon is the meeting place for passionate, young entrepreneurs testing the commercial waters with their prototypes; cultural and civic leaders driving maker initiatives in their communities; and product developers drawing inspiration from the maker movement.

MakerCon sessions feature experts in digital manufacturing, technology and tool innovators, leaders of higher education and the new breed of industrial designers. Joining the conversation are partners and principals from top VC firms and crowdfunding services, accelerators and incubators. They come together to exchange their visions about the impact of the maker movement.

Conference Co-Chairs

Dale Dougherty

Founder & Executive Chairman, Maker Media, Inc

Travis Good

Make: Contributing Editor

Workshop Co-Chair Dale Dougherty
Workshop Co-Chair Travis Good