Crowdfunding: Building Community with Customers

Join Eric Klein in conversation with John Dimatos from Kickstarter and Josh Lifton from Crowd Supply as they discuss the multifacets of crowdfunding as a platform. This will be an interactive conversation so come with your questions!

Thud Rumble

A company literally built from skratch, Thud Rumble re-imagined what a turntable and a mixer can do and started an entire cultural revolution. In the true essence of the DIY/maker spirit, Richard “DJ QBert” Quitevisand Ritche “Yogafrog” Desuasido helped launch the birth of break records with Dirtstyle Records; designed the modern DJ mixer that eventually became the industry standard; and founded Thud Rumble as an independent innovation hub/distribution network that would serve as a blueprint for many DJ companies to follow. Thru the years, they have worked and consulted with every DJ company in shaping the billion-dollar DJ industry; from Pioneer DJ, Vestax, Monster DJ, Ortofon, Sennheiser to name a few; as well as the most established tech companies of Silicon Valley. Thud Rumble’s Ritche “Yogafrog” Desuasido will close MakerCon Bay Area 2015 with a splash — and a skratch — as they share their art and their wisdom in a special closing keynote presentation.

Eric Monsef


Prior to joining HP, Monsef had a 10-year career in Product Development at Apple Inc. In 2009, he moved into deep functional responsibility by forming and leading a team called Core HW.  The team was chartered to provide technologies to Mac’s:  Accessories, EE Validation, Fans, Accessory Cables and Custom Interconnect.  Additionally the team designed and delivered technologies for all Apple products:  Batteries and Battery systems, Prototypes (model shop), and Packaging.  Prior to leading the Core HW team, he was Sr. Director of Mobile Product Design at Apple responsible for product architecture and design of Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro products as well as overseeing Reliability, Interconnect Design, Antenna Design, Component Engineering, Environmental Technologies, and Wireless Product Design.  The team shipped 12 grounds-up laptop designs, seeded the touch and tablet teams with talent, and built a team in China to lead the Intel transition.


Monsef is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds a graduate degree in Engineering Management, also from SCU. He has multiple utility and design patents and is a part-time teacher at Santa Clara University.

(Intestinal) Fortitude

Transitioning to a culture of experience-led design; Workspace: the birth of a new eco-system.


Alice Brooks of Roominate joins Dale Dougherty, founder and Executive Chairman of Maker Media, to open MakerCon and introduce the Launch Pad competition.

Wearables Breakout Session

Join moderator Redg Snodgrass of Wearable World for a panel discussion on current and future trends in wearable technology.

Marketplace Breakout Session

Getting products to market has taken turn a turn with the democratization of marketplace tools and distribution. This session will highlight some of the new ways entrepreneurs are getting their products into the hand of consumers.

From Makerspace to Marketplace  with Sander Arts. As a Maker, you can create systems on Maker boards like Arduino faster than ever, dramatically lowering the cost of prototyping your new ideas. But, when you’re ready to promote your projects for funding or potential commercialization, how do you market your project to bring the necessary attention required? You need to find the right partner to help promote your projects through creative digital media including social, blogs, videos, infographics and more to get the word out. In this session, you’ll learn how to go from Maker Space to Market Place, turning your Maker-board prototype into a viable business through digital marketing platforms.

How 3D Printing is Changing Design with Peter Weijmarshausen. Design processes are constantly evolving, and new technologies always seem to have a way to raise the bar. As 3D printing technologies grow, the time between idea to iteration to final product is drastically being reduced, and time to market is jumping from years to mere months. With this technology, the traditional barriers to entry evaporate: there is minimal upfront investment, no inventory requirements, no minimum runs, and no partners on the other side of the ocean. The result is risk-free innovation. This presentation will explore how independent designers and large organizations alike are using 3D printing to introduce new products.

Community Driven Manufacturing with Bram de Zwart. Last year saw the first successful display of distributed manufacturing when the 3D Hubs community of 12k 3D printer owners produced over 50k products. Distributed manufacturing is not a future dream, but a current reality.