DESIGN: A New Design Sense

How can the objects that emanate from the Maker Movement be more beautiful and more useful? This panel examines the contemporary materials, technologies, and languages of design currently at play, offering take-aways that attendees can use today to make their products more appealing and utile.

SELF-FUNDED START-UPS: How to Bootstrap a Company

Investors are often a necessary part of launching a business, but their money can come with strings that might sometimes strangle innovation. Learn from start-up founders who made the leap themselves about the strategies they employed to stay independent and why it is so meaningful to them and their businesses.

TECH: Cheaper, Faster, Better

Maker development platforms—particularly microcontroller boards—are more powerful, less expensive, and more accessible to a broader range of Makers than ever before. How are they affecting the landscape today and how will they change it tomorrow?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How Makers Start Businesses


Popular media loves to sell stories about an amazing hardware idea, its widely successful KickStarter campaign, and the line of VCs waiting to fund you. But what if your idea is amazing but maybe not a $250M market opportunity? Join a highly interactive discussion with entrepreneurs like you who have great startups (ideas) to better understand what the real journey and options are for your hardware idea, whether little, big, or just right.

MAKER REVOLUTION: The New Work Economy

What signals are coming out of the Maker Movement that might shape the coming economy, local communities, education, government policy, and initiatives? This panel examines how the movement is stimulating talent development, opportunity, and agency. This is a movement distinct from the 20th century industrial model — what that might imply for investment and development?