Videos from MakerCon New York 2014

MakerCon Introduction - Dale Dougherty, CEO Maker Media and Travis Good, Co-Chair MakerCon

MakerCon Introduction - Dale Dougherty, CEO Maker Media and Travis Good, Co-Chair MakerCon

Kickstarter and the Maker Revolution Auditorium - Yancey Strickler

The Maker Pro Catalyst - David R. Schneider, PhD

The People Behind the Projects - John Kavanagh

Hardware: From Hobby to Revolution - Mike Senese, Ayah Bdeir

The Other Side of Open Source - Erik de Bruijn

3D Printing Your Favorite Brands - The Real Future of Product Design - Peter Weijmarshausen

The Evolution of Desktop Fabrication - Zach Kaplan

Embracing the Difference Between Cottage and Mainstream - Eric Klein

Making Young Makers - Stephanie Santoso, Luke Bauer, Betty Ray, Diane Levitt

Show Your Work: Open Portfolio Project - Lisa Regalla

Managing a Makerspace - Ian Charnas

Think Meets Make - Eric R. Dufresne

Should Makers Be the Engineers of the Future? - Shawn Jordan, Ph.D., Micah Lande, PhD

Why Intel Cares About Educating Makers - Jay Melican

VC Panel: Where They Invest and Why - Zack Schildhorn, Will Porteous, Eric Klein

Hardware Start-up Case Study: goTenna - Daniela Perdomo

A Maker's Manufacturing Dilemma - Aaron Horowitz

Before the Crowdfund: What You Need to Know - Scott Miller

Cool Factor vs Coin Factor: Wearables are Ready, but Who's Wearing Them? - Katherine Hague

Making Space: Democratizing Exploration and Science with DIY Satellites - Mason Peck

What's Your Plan? Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign to Empower Long-term Success - Kate Drane

The Art of Product Launch - Lauren Joseph

The Maker City - Peter Hirshberg

NYC: A Maker City - Surya Mattu, Rob Sanchez, Miquela Craytor, Tom Kennedy

The Future of Making Products - Andrew Anagnost

Keynote - Massimo Banzi, Co-founder of the Arduino Project

Interview - James Adams, Director of Hardware Engineering Raspberry Pi Foundation & Matt Richardson, Contributing Editor Make:

Keynote - Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO, Local Motors

Making to Discover Value - Taylor Dawson

The Business of Making with Kids - Jennifer Turliuk

What the 'Internet of Things' Means for Product Development - Diego Tamburini

Remake Learning for Your City - Matt Hannigan

Space Exploration: The Business of Making - Ted Southern, Matt Reyes, Sam Ortega

Internet of Things: Tiny Devices Making a Huge Difference - Dominic Pajak

The Inevitability of Smart Dust - Alasdair Allan

From Maker Startup to Healthcare Hardware - Mark Belanger, Victor Ty, Ahrin Mishan, Jose Gomez Marquez

Making Meaning in an Internet of Things - Carla Diana

Making Makers Takes a Village - Sabrina Merlo, Travis Good, Tim McNulty

What's Next For Wearables? - Kate Hartman

Make Tools, Not Products - Jesse Genet

Maker Movement for Global Development - Monte MacDiarmid, Anna Waldman-Brown, Mercy Chepkoech Sigey, Kate Gage, Sénamé Koffi Abdojinou

APOLLO - Next - Amogha Srirangarajan

Toys and Making: Toymakers Talk! - Claus Moberg, Kenny Davis, Wayne Losey, Alice Taylor

Closing Presentation with Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel

iLuminate Dance Group