MakerCon Showcase

The MakerCon Showcase offers a unique opportunity to engage with innovative startup companies who have their cutting-edge products and devices on display. Partly a mini Maker Faire designed for Maker pros, partly a social, networking event in the middle of a packed agenda. The MakerCon Showcase is not to be missed!

Company About

C.H.I.P. $9 Computer

Dave Rauchwerk’s Next Thing Co. created a Kickstarter sensation this spring with a powerful, WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled computer so small that is nearly dwarfed by a handful of thumb tacks, really works with the breadth of a computer, and truly only costs $9.


FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufacturers, markets, and distributes innovative sensing solutions including systems for thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, locator, measurement and diagnostics, and advanced threat detection.


The Flyte Showcase Display will feature 3 Levitating Lights consisting of a wooden base platform and a magnetically levitating lightbulb. The Flyte lightbulb is powered via induction. Energy is transferred wirelessly from the base to the bulb.


See the new Glowforge in action for the first time! The Glowforge is a 3D laser cutter that can shape leather, sculpt wood, slice acrylic, cut paper, form foam, trim fabric, engrave glass, and etch metal. And that’s just the beginning.

Haddington Dynamics

Haddington Dynamics is the creator of Dexter, a high-precision, high-performance, 3D-printed haptic robot powered by parallel supercomputing technology. Dexter, a technology demonstrator, is designed as an open-source global resource that radically bends cost curves, and empowers makers to redefine how humans interact with robots. It can be fitted with attachments for all types of machine automation including assembly, fabrication, and more.

Manufacture NY

Meet designers being nurtured at the Manufacture NY incubator including zero-waste fashion designer Daniel Silverstein and jeweler Cristina Gabriele, who works under the name Heart & Noble.

Danit Peleg

Israeli fashion designer Danit Peleg was gifted a piece of 3D-printed jewelry during Burning Man 2014. Fascinated by the technology, she returned to Israel, purchased an ordinary home 3D printer, and created a full clothing line using soft Filaflex “thread.”


Hardware technologies and new methods of manufacturing originating in the maker movement make quantum biology available to Citizen Scientists, DIY Biotechnologists and Students. Quantum biology allows for the rapid identification of pathogens directly on the surface of a sensitive plasmonic detector, replacing complex and time-consuming laboratory work.


Qfusion Labs demonstrates Cubit, an intuitive DIY electronics platform, in the Maker-founded Startup section of the NY Maker Faire. Qfusion Labs empowers Makers from all backgrounds by streamlining software and electronics, enabling students, tinkerers, hobbyists, and artists to bring their ideas to life in a matter of minutes.

RoofTop Reds

The world’s first urban vineyard sits atop buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with an anticipated premier vintage in 2017. Until then, the wine is sourced from Finger Lake vineyards.

Smart Vision Labs

Smart Vision Labs is building the future of vision care. We created the SVOne, a smartphone-based autorefractor powered by cutting-edge technology to enable vision exams and screenings anywhere. Today, eye care professionals are using the SVOne across the United States and in 21 different countries.