Adding Linux to your Design

Tools of Innovation and Technology

Tuesday, May 12, 11:40 am to 12:00 pm in Crescent Room

Linux can solve design problems related to user interface, connectivity, storage, resource management and more while opening up your design to be extended with an endless number of applications. At the same time, it adds complexity you need to manage. Building off BeagleBone Black’s open hardware reference materials can save you time, money and help you deliver the best experience to your end users. I’ll give you some background to help you figure out when you should simply embed an off the shelf Linux computer, build your own design off the latest Android tablet SoCs or start from the BeagleBone reference materials and community.


Jason Kridner

Co-founder, Foundation
A veteran of the semiconductor industry, Jason is the cofounder of the Foundation and promotes the design and use of open source software and hardware in building with electronics.