What the ‘Internet of Things’ Means for Product Development

Tools of Innovation and Technology

Thursday, September 18, 1:50 pm to 2:10 pm in Auditorium

As the internet of things becomes more widespread, how will it affect not just the types of products being made, but also the larger product development ecosystem? And what changes will manufacturers need to make to seize the opportunities that the technology creates?


Diego Tamburini

Manufacturing Industry Strategist, Autodesk
Diego Tamburini currently works as the Manufacturing Industry Strategist for Autodesk, where he focuses on defining the vision for Autodesk in manufacturing and evangelizing Autodesk’s thought leadership in the industry.
Diego came to Autodesk from Microsoft, where he worked in the Microsoft Dynamics development team developing the first cloud release of Dynamics ERP for Professional Services. Prior to Microsoft Dynamics, he worked with the Developer & Platform Evangelism group, helping Global ISVs in Engineering & Manufacturing align their product strategies with future Microsoft technologies.