Cool Factor vs Coin Factor: Wearables are Ready, but Who’s Wearing Them?

Business of Making

Wednesday, September 17, 3:50 pm to 4:10 pm in Viscusi Gallery

The world of wearables is a burgeoning one. From activity trackers, to brain sensing headbands, to smart glasses and watches – there’s no shortage of slick, smart products enticing the market. But why do so few of us wear it? There’s no question that makers have set out to solve some important problems, and the topic remains a hot one. But given the buzz and excitement around an industry that’s grown at lightning speed, consumers just aren’t adopting the tech (i.e. opening their wallets) at a similar pace.

So – who’s stopping these smart, savvy devices from getting into the hands of consumers? Are there barriers in fashion, functionality, use-case limitations, price, or a combination of these? Or does it have more to do with perceived complexity, “fad factor”, or option-overload?

In this talk, Katherine Hague, Co-Founder of Shoplocket, and VP of The Blueprint, will shed light on the “consumer-device divide”, and give insight on how wearable sellers can better connect with potential customers – and close the deal.


Katherine Hague

Co-founder and CEO, ShopLocket
Katherine is co-founder of ShopLocket, which was acquired by PCH International in January 2014. ShopLocket provides resources for the next generation of hardware innovation. Katherine was recently listed as one of Canada’s top tech stars by the Financial Post and as one of five women to watch in wearable technology.