From Maker Startup to Healthcare Hardware

Maker Community Building

Thursday, September 18, 2:30 pm to 3:10 pm in Viscusi Gallery

Jose Gomez Marquez leads a panel talk about innovative uses of technology that empower citizens in the process of actively making and the entreprenuerial opportunities that exist beyond consumer products.


Ahrin Mishan

Executive Director, Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation
Ahrin Mishan is the executive director of the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation,  a New York-based philanthropy dedicated to improving the lives of patients and their families through nurse-led innovation. He oversees the Foundation's grant-making efforts which focus primarily on the education of nurse innovators, and on the advancement of leading edge, nursing-driven models of care. 


Mark Belanger

Technical Instructor, Edgerton Center
Mark is the Student Shop manager at Edgerton Center. As the daytime instructor, he assists students with their machining needs, helping them with design issues, material selection, and project requirements. He also runs training classes on the variety of machining tools located in the plastic- and metal-working shop, including milling machines, lathes, and sheet-metal equipment. Mark has been with the Edgerton Center since 2005.


Victor Ty

Maker Nurse
Victor Ty is a radiation oncology nurse at a comprehensive cancer center in Brooklyn, NY. An avid LEGO builder designing buildings and more recently medical equipment. Victor created a LEGO model of a linear accelerator to facilitate teaching children with developmental disabilities about radiation treatment. Victor also uses loom knitting to establish rapport with cancer patients to help alleviate the anxiety of cancer treatment. Victor is currently developing a program to teach children with Autism to loom knit and help them create products they can market to benefit the students as well as their schools.