Hardware Breakout Session

Business of Making

Tuesday, May 12, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Theater

Hear from experts in the field of Hardware Startups and learn what’s new and what it takes to go from idea to product.

Hardware by the Numbers with Ben Einstein is aimed at painting a rough, numerical picture of what starting a scalable hardware business looks like. From team to prototyping, financing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, retail, and exits, here are some rules of thumb to use when building a physical product business.

Hardware Startups: What would Apple do? with Cyril Ebersweiler
The most valuable company on the planet today was not always one: it started in a garage in the 1970’s. We’ve got to wonder: how would a Steve Jobs build a hardware startup today?

Contract Manufacturing a Smart Device for 100K  Julia Ko will take us through methodologies on how to evaluate and manage electronic manufacturers in Shenzhen. Learn tools to better handle manufacturing challenges as a hardware entrepreneur. Get insight into what it’s like making a product with factories throughout the process.


Ben Einstein

Managing Director, Bolt
Ben Einstein is an experienced product designer and investor. Ben is currently the Managing Director of Bolt, an early-stage seed fund focused exclusively on hardware startups. In addition to seed capital, Bolt invests full-time staff, shop equipment, and extensive expertise with manufacturing and commercialization. Prior to starting Bolt, Ben ran Brainstream Design, a product design and development consultancy in Massachusetts. Ben has been directly responsible for bringing a long list of products to market covering diverse sectors including consumer electronics, high-performance audio, sporting goods and green energy.


Cyril Ebersweiler

Entrepreneur and investor, Cyril is a Partner at SOSventures and the founder of HAXLR8R ("HAX"), the first startup accelerator building "lean hardware” startups, which lead to its recognition as the most active VC in the hardware space. With over a decade experience in China and Japan, Cyril also founded the first mentorship-driven seed funding program in China, Chinaccelerator. A guest blogger on Techcrunch, Cyril has been invited to keynote in numerous conferences and featured in media such as The New York Times, The Economist and WIRED notably.


Julia Ko

Founder, SurePod Corporation
Julia is a serial entrepreneur, a maker and has built two startups from the ground up, with one successful exit. Anticipating the connected devices trend, she bootstrapped SurePod for 100k working with engineering and several contract manufacturers in Shenzhen. To build the mini cellphone, she created, negotiated and managed the supply chain both locally and overseas. Additionally, she worked with the big four carriers in the US and helped create the dealer network.