Hardware Start-up Case Study: goTenna

Business of Making

Wednesday, September 17, 2:00 pm to 2:10 pm in Viscusi Gallery

goTenna develops products for decentralized communication. We started working together to solve a problem we faced ourselves: the inability to communicate with others when we needed to most. Co-Founder, Daniela Perdomo, tells the story of a hardware start-up, from idea to development, funding to manufacturing, marketing to distribution.


Daniela Perdomo

Co-founder and CEO, goTenna
Daniela Perdomo is the co-founder & CEO of goTenna, a hardware startup that builds tools for decentralized communication. The first is a small, rugged device that pairs with your smartphone and enables you to communicate with anyone who has goTenna even if you don't have service. goTenna works anywhere, regardless of access to cell reception or wifi, and allows you to communicate not just when you're off-grid but when you want to be, because it's end-to-end encrypted. Before becoming a hardware maker, Daniela made other things, like software apps, political journalism, and literary magazines. She's from São Paulo and lives in Brooklyn.