The People Behind the Projects


Wednesday, September 17, 10:00 am to 10:20 am in Auditorium

John Kavanagh details the people behind the projects, products, and innovations that have fueled the Dremel brand’s success for over 80 years. Empowering generations of people to build on their skills through education, trial, and mentorship, Kavanagh will highlight how Dremel continues its focus on consumers to drive product innovation to build what’s next.


John Kavanagh is the President of Dremel, a division of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.  Dremel has an 82 year history of offering products that provide passionate users the joy of creativity and project completion.  Prior to Dremel, John served as SVP and GM of Industrial and International businesses with Rust-Oleum, a specialty and aerosol paint company.  This experience has fostered a strong focus on DIY’ers, Makers, optimizing channels of distribution and inspiring passion through creativity and empowerment. John’s 25 years in sales, marketing and general management have rewarded him with experience in industries as diverse as printing, packaging, paint and power tools. He enjoys blending and optimizing strategies learned from his industrial B2B background with the product development, marketing and consumer focus of retail marketing.  He believes in product development that goes beyond the physical product, extending to the entire customer experience.  Dremel believes in project inspiration, product systems that amplify user applications and in providing world-class product support.  He is passionate about introducing products with simple messages and methods and removing intimidation and complexity from the user experience.