Makerspaces Breakout Session

Business of Making

Wednesday, May 13, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Crescent Room

Join a series of presenters who will speak on the subject of makerspaces.

The State of Makerspaces with Christina Hug. This session will present the stats from the 2nd annual State of Makerspaces survey conducted by The Makers Nation. A project that was first presented at the Fab10 conference in Barcelona in 2014. Drawing from survey responses, 1:1 interviews, and independent research projects, this presentation will highlight common business models, outreach tactics, challenges, and successes from makerspace and Fab Lab managers from around the world. Being the second iteration of the study this talk will also hope to identify key areas of progress and growth within participating maker communities.

Makerspaces in Established Organizations with Elizabeth Congdon. Last year, 70-year-old Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab launched a makerspace to spark innovation and help its staff tackle complex challenges in new and interesting ways. How can an established organization incite innovation by building a makerspace for free and open use by its employees? Is it possible to bring innovators across your organization together in one space to “make awesome happen”? How do you do this in an organization whose culture and playbook are decades old? What are the benefits and pitfalls? Come learn how to crash the party and disrupt your organization for the better by building a makerspace at work!

Building the Design/Fabrication Lab with Gary Rohrbacher. The Design/Fabrication Lab is an initiative to build an urban digital fabrication laboratory, school, and factory for the future. Based in Amsterdam, the D/F Lab endeavors to advance the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) Industry through applied research, construction manufacturing innovation, and maker-focused education. We envision an urban digital laboratory-school-factory that builds upon Amsterdam’s climate of design-driven, bottom-up, interdisciplinary, pragmatic applications, as well as The Netherlands’ well-established cultural and institutional infrastructure.


Christina Hug

Founder, The Makers Nation
Christina Hug is the founder of The Makers Nation, an organization that works to break down silos between the art, tech, design, and maker communities in cities around the world. She's also been known to build full-scale illuminated playgrounds.


Elizabeth Congdon

Betsy Congdon lives in Washington, DC. When not running a Makerspace, she works on the heat shield for Solar Probe Plus, NASA’s mission to the Sun. In her free time, she runs long distance races and watches baseball and college football.


Gary Rohrbacher

Co-founder, AtFab
Gary Rohrbacher pursues architecture equally through practice and teaching. As a project architect and senior designer, he has focused on integration of design, theory and technology on award winning projects at Machado and Silvetti and SOM, among others. He’s recognized for his teaching excellence at Harvard University’s Design School, California College of the Arts, University of Texas at Austin, and presently at the University of Kentucky. He is an NCARB Certified and Registered Architect with an SMArchS from MIT, an MArch from Columbia University, and BA from Lehigh University.