Manufacturing To Ship / Prototypes To Final Product

Business of Making

Tuesday, May 12, 1:20 pm to 1:40 pm in Theater

Yobie Benjamin has been involved in two crowd funded IoT startups, Avegant and Skully Systems and advises several other startups. This session will explore the challenges of getting your product to market and the challenges of the contract manufacturing process.


Yobie Benjamin

Co-Founder, Avegant
Yobie Benjamin is a Co-founder/COO, CTO, Advisor, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Conservation/Environmental Activist, Coder and Biohacker, recently honored as a 2015 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (commonly known as the Davos Conference). As Co-founder of Avegant, Yobie has advanced the development of a next generation wearable device - Avegant Glyph - The Smart Headphone and raised $1.5MM on Kickstarter and $9.4MM on Series A and A1. As an advisor for Skully, Yobie has raised $3.4MM via crowdfunding and $11MM in venture funding. Yobie is currently a volunteer civilian advisor for NASA AMES Collaboration Labs and is a partner at Innovation Arts, a specialty innovation and technology consulting firm.