Remake Learning for Your City

Maker Community Building

Thursday, September 18, 1:50 pm to 2:10 pm in Viscusi Gallery

In the Pittsburgh region, makers are helping children and youth combine physical and digital skills from science and engineering, technology and media, crafting, and the arts to learn how to work together, to reshape the world, and to become the next generation of makers themselves. Recognizing the potential for maker learning—both in and out of schools—to positively affect educational outcomes, we’ve built the Kids+Creativity Network to support these and other innovations in learning.


Matt Hannigan

Co-Founder and Deputy Director, The Sprout Fund
Matt Hannigan is a co-founder of The Sprout Fund and currently serves as its Deputy Director. The Sprout Fund is a nonprofit organization supporting innovative ideas and grassroots community projects in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. Matt helped start Sprout in 2001 while receiving his MSPPM degree from Heinz College. Since then, Matt has been involved in the creation and implementation of all of Sprout’s major programs, which have provided catalytic support for more than 450 community-based projects through nearly $4 million of investments. Matt provides oversight for Sprout’s principal program areas, actively participates in fundraising, program development, and planning, and maintains primary responsibility for overseeing the finances and business operations of the organization. Through his work at Sprout, Matt has developed a keen interest in decisionmaking processes and fostering civic innovation through grantmaking.