Space Exploration: The Business of Making

Maker Community Building

Thursday, September 18, 2:10 pm to 2:30 pm in Viscusi Gallery

Centennial Challenges Program Manager Sam Ortega and NASA Ames Research Center Emerging Technology Specialist Matthew Reyes will discuss engagement opportunities for Makers through NASA challenges and programs, as well as the business side of space exploration outside of NASA. Ted Southern, a CCP competitor alum in the Astronaut Glove Challenge, will discuss his experience competing and winning prize money at a NASA competition, and how he took advantage of that opportunity to start his own space suit design and manufacturing company.


Matt Reyes

Strategist, NASA Ames Research Center
Matthew Reyes is a Emerging Technology Strategist for NASA Ames Research Center's Chief Technologist. Matt's current focus is on how NASA can best engage the Maker community through small satellite and advanced manufacturing initiatives. Matt serves NASA Ames as a subcontractor with Exploration Solutions; a small business he founded in 2007 after 4 years as Director of Technical Operations for the Zero Gravity Corporation. Matt has evaluated or participated with dozens of technical payloads and has flown hundreds of parabolic microgravity flights aboard B727 & KC135 aircraft. In 2012, Matt received NASTAR Center certification as a Sub-orbital Research Scientist with intentions on working in space someday. In his spare time, he's written for Make Magazine and helped build the Mars Rover Art Car for Burning Man.


Ted Southern

President, Final Frontier Designs
Ted Southern, President of Final Frontier Designs, artist, and designer, began his career in aerospace by entering the NASA Astronaut Glove Challenge in 2007 as part of his MFA thesis at Pratt Institute. In 2009, Ted and Nik took home a cash prize and created FFD from the winnings. Prior to space, Ted’s work focused on technical garments for movies, theatre, and television including wings for Victoria’s Secret and costumes for Cirque du Soleil.