The Future of Rapid Prototyping of Electronics: A Quick Turn CM on Your Desktop

Tools of Innovation and Technology

Wednesday, May 13, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in Theater

Low volume electronic hardware manufacturing is poised to follow the path paved by 3-D printing over the last five years. Desktop circuit board printers can now turn out PCBs previously the sole domain of capital intensive processes. Table top pick-and-place machines can now perform the sophisticated computer vision and delicate mechanical operations once limited to large industrial equipment. These advances are tightening iteration cycles and speeding hardware development. This panel of leaders in desktop electronics manufacturing will discuss their current direction, challenges to overcome, and what’s on the horizon.


Alroy Almeida

Co-founder, Voltera
Alroy is a co-founder and business lead at Voltera. He is a UWaterloo Mechatronics grad with a background in industrial electronics. Voltera is a HAXLR8R S14 alumnus, the 2015 TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield champion, and a 2015 PopSci Top Invention awardee


Danielle Applestone

CEO, Other Machine Co.
Danielle’s background blends science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Danielle cofounded her first company in 2003 after earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT. She holds a PhD in Materials Science from UT Austin.


Felix Banuchi

Co-founder, Tin Whiskers Technology
Felix Banuchi is a co-founder of Tin Whiskers Technology, the creator of the FirePick Delta - the first open source desktop rapid prototyping machine for electronics.  Prior to Tin Whiskers he spent his career working with both large multinational companies and innovative startups to launch new ventures across a wide range of products including media, wearables, energy efficient lighting and mobile gaming.  Felix has an MBA from NYU Stern and a BA from Boston University.


Jeff McAlvay

CEO, Tempo Automation
Jeff is CEO of Tempo Automation, a software-driven, low-volume electronics manufacturing service in San Francisco.  He has led automation, operations, and product teams at McMaster-Carr.


Sam Wurzel

CEO and co-founder, Octopart
Sam is co-Founder and CEO of Octopart, the search engine for electronic components. Before Octopart Sam was in physics grad school working on experimental plasma physics related to nuclear fusion.