The Internet of Drones

Future Tech, Now

Wednesday, May 13, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Theater

In the world of IoT, nothing captures the imagination like Drones. However, given this excitement, surprisingly few drones actually connect directly to the internet or leverage IP connectivity. This, is going to change soon in a big way. More and more, drones are directly connecting to, and being controlled using IP networks enabling untold new applications. In this panel we are going to explore the possibilities of connected drones. First, we are going to start with the basics – what are the wireless technologies are out there and how do we adapt them to drones and will conclude with a demonstration new applications for IP enabled drones.


Adam Conway

VP of Product Management, Aerohive Networks
Adam co-founded Aerohive Networks, a Wireless networking company 9 years ago and has been interested in and experimented with how Drones, IoT and Wireless come together.


Bryan Galusha

Co-founder, Fighting Walrus
Bryan Galusha is the Co-founder of Fighting Walrus and Founder of SF Drones Startup Meetup striving to educate and enable individuals and small businesses about the power of the nascent drone industry


Jason Short

VP of Design and UX, 3D Robotics
Jason Short is a veteran product designer with 20 years of experience creating consumer products and user experiences. In 2009 Jason co founded Ardupilot and created Arducopter used by tens of thousands of drone pilots across the world.