John Costik

Lead Software Developer, Center for Clinical Innovation - University of Rochester

When my 4 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I turned to technology to help minimize the impact of the disease on his health and his life. Using an Android phone and a Dexcom G4 continuos glucose monitor, I deciphered the USB communications necessary to create a remote blood glucose monitoring system. Connecting and openly collaborating with others impacted by type 1, the open source system known as Nightscout came to fill an intense unmet need for people with diabetes and those that care for them. The community that grew from this need and the desire to help others enjoy its benefits, “CGM in the Cloud,” a Facebook group, is now over 13,000 members strong.
Today, I lead software development for the University of Rochester’s Center for Clinical Innovation and I sit on the board of the Nightscout Foundation. At the University of Rochester, I am able to focus my abilities on finding further unmet needs across the entire healthcare landscape, and using technology to help make people happier and healthier.
Through improved collaboration and communication between patients, doctors, medical device & consumer electronics companies we can build robust systems that ingest, analyze and communicate data needed to improve an individual’s health.