Claus Moberg

Co-founder & CEO, SnowShoe

Claus is cofounder and CEO of SnowShoe, a company that makes magical little pieces of plastic. He has led the company since its formation in the fall of 2011. While at SnowShoe, he has participated in both the 2014 Disney Accelerator (Powered by TechStars) and TechStars-Boulder 2013, he won the TechCrunch DisruptSF 2012 Hackathon, and the company was named the #1 under-the-radar tech startup to watch by Mashable. Claus dropped out of his PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue SnowShoe, bringing to an end his 11-year reign as a full-time student at that institution. His BS degrees were in Political Science, Environmental Science and Economics, and his MS was in Atmospheric Science. In high school he became one of the youngest people to fly through a hurricane as part on a research internship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He spends his free time hiking, biking and cooking with his wife, son, and two large black dogs.