Grace Teo

MIT Lecturer, Open Style Lab Executive Director

Grace Teo is a lecturer with the Institute of Medical Engineering and Sciences at MIT, and the co-founder and president of Open Style Lab. She is also appointed as a lecturer with MIT’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, where she lectures 6.811 Principles and Practices of Assistive Technology at MIT. Grace completed a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering in Nanyang Technology University (Singapore) and her PhD in Health Sciences and Technology at MIT and Harvard Medical School, specializing in stem cell migration in inflammation.
In the final year of her PhD, Grace received an MIT Public Service Fellowship to establish Open Style Lab, a multidisciplinary educational platform that teams designers, engineers and occupational therapists to create clothing with and for people with disabilities. This work has received national media attention, including the Boston Globe and Christian Science Monitor. Grace has presented Open Style Lab both Boston Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, and continues to run workshops with local and international design and disability organizations.