Tom Kennedy

Co-founder, ReFactory

Tom Kennedy has worked on a wide range of technical projects. He’s worked on medical devices, industrial control systems, robotics, wireless products and consumer electronics. He worked from 2004-2008 at Honeybee Robotics, an aerospace company. There he was the lead electrical engineer for the Sample Manipulation System, a robotic sample handling system aboard Mars Curiosity which continues to operate to this day on the surface of Mars. After Honeybee, Tom co-founded EnergyHub and served as the Director of Hardware Development and CTO. He also served on the Board of Directors up until its acquisition by At EnergyHub he led the development of seven products that were deployed in the thousands by utility companies throughout the US. He worked on every aspect of the development from the hardware and firmware R&D to the selection of the contract manufacturers and the certification and mass production of the products. It was through this process that he learned firsthand how hardware startups get products made overseas and the challenges they face in doing so.