Zack Schildhorn

Partner, Lux Capital

Zack is a Partner with Lux Capital, based in the Firm’s New York headquarters. Zack has been working with Lux since 2006, focusing on marketing, operations, and investments at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Zack led Lux’s investments in Shapeways and Sols Systems and helped source the firm’s investment in Matterport. He has also worked extensively with a number of Lux portfolio companies including Transphorm, Kurion, and Siluria.

Before joining Lux, Zack worked as an expedition photographer on the Colorado Plateau. He created his own curriculum at Cornell University to study materials science and business entrepreneurship, graduating in 5 years with a B.S. in engineering and an MBA. Zack is a regular contributing editor for Forbes and has been an invited speaker and guest lecturer at Cornell University, Drexel University, NYU, and the University of Pennsylvania.