Making Makers Takes a Village

This panel takes the long view of the myriad ways making can be nurtured in communities. From libraries increasingly transforming their spaces into learning commons through the lens of a maker, to the growing number of individuals hosting Mini Maker Faires across the country, citizens across the globe discover the thrill of making through different institutions and programs in their cities and towns.  What’s more, this summer when the White House issued challenges to individuals, mayors and universities, all answered the call, pledging to provide access to tools, technology, and knowledge with a common agenda: to make more makers through exposure to maker culture, creative collaboration and project-based learning.

Space Exploration: The Business of Making

Centennial Challenges Program Manager Sam Ortega and NASA Ames Research Center Emerging Technology Specialist Matthew Reyes will discuss engagement opportunities for Makers through NASA challenges and programs, as well as the business side of space exploration outside of NASA. Ted Southern, a CCP competitor alum in the Astronaut Glove Challenge, will discuss his experience competing and winning prize money at a NASA competition, and how he took advantage of that opportunity to start his own space suit design and manufacturing company.

Maker Movement for Global Development

The Maker Movement is transforming the way people around the world design and produce things. There is a long history of making in Africa, where informal industry thrives across the continent, and now the Maker Movement and community maker spaces are springing up around the world to provide public access to tools and technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters, and low-cost modular electronics, which dramatically expand what Makers are able to create and make Making more accessible to new audiences.  Digital manufacturing in particular lowers the barrier to entrepreneurship around the world, including in developing regions like Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kate Gage of USAID and Anna Waldman-Brown of the FabLab network will lead an introduction and panel discussion with Global Development makers, including Sename Koffi Abdojinou, founder of WOE Labs, Mercy Chepkoech Sigeyand the BioLite Camp Stove team.

Remake Learning for Your City

In the Pittsburgh region, makers are helping children and youth combine physical and digital skills from science and engineering, technology and media, crafting, and the arts to learn how to work together, to reshape the world, and to become the next generation of makers themselves. Recognizing the potential for maker learning—both in and out of schools—to positively affect educational outcomes, we’ve built the Kids+Creativity Network to support these and other innovations in learning.

The Business of Making with Kids

MakerKids is one of the only makerspaces for kids in the world. Our Board of Advisors includes Dale Dougherty (CEO of Maker Media) and Massimo Banzi (CEO of Arduino). Come learn about the business of making with kids.

From Maker Startup to Healthcare Hardware

Jose Gomez Marquez leads a panel talk about innovative uses of technology that empower citizens in the process of actively making and the entreprenuerial opportunities that exist beyond consumer products.