Maker Cities

There are a rich set of maker based activities and experiments being undertaken by American cities today which represent a leading edge of entrepreneurism and innovation in economic development. The Maker City Project brings national focus to the remarkable story of civic and economic reinvention taking place in America. Powered by the maker movement and toolsets that democratize the entire process of physical creation, manufacturing and new types of supply chains are returning to America – in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.

Screening of the New Netflix documentary “Print the Legend”

For the first time in history, the stories of the human beings building an industry have been filmed. The result: “Print the Legend”, which follows the people racing to bring 3D printing to your desktop and into your life. For the winners, there are fortunes – and history – to be made.PRINT THE LEGEND Hear from the filmmakers and participants about how the film was made and its message for all entrepreneurs.


iLuminate combines state-of-the-art technology with exhilarating dancers who perform in the dark to create a fantastical mashup of illuminated characters, choreography, music, sets and special effects that flood the senses with spectacular visuals and artistic thrills

NYC: A Maker City

The big Apple epitomizes much of which is current, trending and progressive in terms of style, culture and attitude. Not surprising then, that New York is leading by example of what a maker city can achieve when it sets out to nurture an indomitable spirit of indie thinking, resourcefulness, creativity and collaboration. Leveraging its native creative assets to buildout an ecosystem for innovative manufacturing models has led to job creation and economic development. From its iconic fashion industry to revitalizing the naval shipyard to establishing itself as the mecca of 3D printing, at its core, New York is a maker city. 

Hardware: From Hobby to Revolution

The hardware industry is archaic and ripe to be revolutionized. Just like 3D printing democratized manufacturing, and the app store democratized game development, littleBits is democratizing electronics by putting the power of electronics into the hands of everyone, and making hardware truly limitless. Learn how littleBits transitioned from a product to an open hardware platform, where anyone regardless of age, discipline, gender or technical ability can make, prototype, invent, and most importantly, reinvent their world. 

3D Printing Your Favorite Brands – The Real Future of Product Design

Passionate fans have been creating fan art for years. But, until now, they had no legal way to make and sell their own products, and they were limited by manufacturing restraints. The new partnership between Shapeways and Hasbro is just the first step in opening doors to the design community to leverage major brands’ IP for public consumption. Hear why this is so unique, and what this means for the future of 3D printing.

The Other Side of Open Source

What is it like to be on the other side of an open source company?
How does it affect Ultimaker in its commitment to this philosophy and what is the value for a member to contribute. Why should anyone be part of an open source movement?
Erik de Bruijn will share Ultimaker’s vision on why open source is so valuable.