On Tuesday morning four 3-hour workshops will be hosted by key leaders of the maker movement. Enrollment is limited!

Making the Maker City

We see making in more and more places: schools, libraries, makerspaces, museums, etc. Which will emerge first? Second? Can their development be hastened? How do they relate to and affect one another? Many have come to see these institutions-of-making as part of an ecosystem. We believe that with foresight of planning and active cultivation these players can together change the education, culture, creativity, and commerce of a city. This seminar will showcase examples of success and provide a roadmap to advance the agenda in your future Maker City.

Host: Travis Good, MAKE contributing editor, co-chair of MakerCon
Speakers: Luis Rodriguez, Process & Programming Specialist at Union Station Kansas City
Shanon Hoover, Owner at Endeavor Art Gallery
Jason Bedard, Board Member at Calgary Maker Foundation
Mike Bradshaw, Executive Director, CO.LAB
Lauren Britton, Doctoral Student, Information Sciene and Technology, Syracuse University
Matt Hannigan, Co-Founder & Deputy Director, The Sprout Fund
Mark Hatch, CEO, Tech Shop

Citizen Exploration – Makers, Discovery and Science

Makers are the new explorers of the universe. As maker tools continue to improve and more people get involved with the maker movement, the opportunity is growing for citizen explorers to contribute to science and discovery. This workshop will explore new exploration technologies, mechanisms to encourage interaction between citizen explorers and the science community, questions of data standards and archiving, the regulatory environment, and ethical concerns, among others.


Hosts: David McKinnie, Senior Advisor, NOAA
David Lang, Co-founder, Open ROV
Speakers: Chris Boshuizen, Co-founder and CTO at Planet Labs
Manu Prakash, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Bioengineering Living, Stanford University
Mac Cowell, Founder at Genefoo
Chris German, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Geology & Geophysics Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Ariel Waldman, Founder,

Advanced Manufacturing: Partnering to Get it Made

Aimed at makers making the jump to pro and needing guidance about manufacturing options from small scale to large, this new session is a deep dive into the new manufacturing arena.
This discussion that will focus on the mindset and documentation you need to enter the world of professional contract manufacturing.

Host: Bunnie Huang, Affiliate for the MIT Media Lab
Speakers: Cyril Ebersweiler, Venture Partner at SOSventures; Founder, HAXLR8R
John Park, COO, AQS Inc.
Zack Kaplan, CEO, Inventables
Josh Chan, Founder & CEO, LightUp
Tarun Pondicherry, Founder & President, LightUp

The Hardware Challenge: Going From Idea to High Volume Manufacturing

The term “hardware is hard” has gotten a lot of press in the last year but what are the real reasons behind this? Join Dragon Innovation’s Adam Craft and Scott N. Miller along with early stage hardware company Blue Robotics to discuss the journey and challenges of going from idea to high volume manufacturing.
Topics covered will include resources for early stage hardware companies, crowdfunding pros, cons, and best practices, picking and managing your factory and many other hardware insights and tips. Finally, we’ll open it up to the audience to share their prototypes and ask questions to the Dragon Innovation team for how to get ready for manufacturing.
Hosts: Scott Miller, CEO & Co-Founder, Dragon Innovation
Adam Craft, VP Manufacturing Engineering & Project Management, Dragon Innovation
Speakers: Rustom Jehangir, Blue Robotics
Joe Spadola, Blue Robotics